Why Meditate?

We are disciples of Jesus Christ. A disciple is one who prays. And the prayer of a disciple includes reflection on the word of God. We call this meditation. It is also communion.

"With the coming of Jesus we are invited to a union with God that is beyond our wildest imagining. We are invited to share in the life of God.  (This is what "grace" is: the favour of sharing in God's own life). By this sharing in God's life we share in his mind and heart: we share in God's own act of knowing, in God's own act of loving, and in the joy, the beatitude that God finds in living His life of love."

(Quotation from "Make Me A Sabbath of Your Heart"
by David M. Knight, Dimension Books, New Jersey, 1982)

In short, we meditate because it is God who calls us into his Presence, who seeks our company, who seeks to share His created as well as uncreated gifts with us. Who could refuse such an invitation?

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