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What follows below is more of a journey than an index: A path to follow with simple guidelines.


Section One : In the Beginning... Affirmation

1. Our Starting Point
2. The Affirmation of Jesus By The Father and the Holy Spirit
2a. A God Who Speaks
2b. Listening to Christ the “Word”
3. Jesus’ Affirmation of the Father and the Holy Spirit
3a. Return to the Desert
4. Jesus and His Affirmation of The Sabbath
4a. Sabbath: Time of Contemplation
4b. Sabbath: Time of Restoration
5. Jesus At Prayer: Affirmation Supreme

Section Two: Meditation Our Christian Heritage

6. Sh’ma — Listen!
7. Contemplative Meditation Prayer
8. Lectio Divina
9. Relax — Breathe — Listen
10. Affirmation Prayer
11. Guidelines For Leaders
12. Practical Reminders
13. Terminology

Section Three: Gospel Reflections

Year A — 2013 — 2014

Year B — 2011 — 2012

Year C — 2012 — 2013

Simple Ways to Meditate

If you decide to skip Sections 1 and 2, we suggest you read two short ways to meditate.

Spiritual Reading

See, Judge, Act

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