3. Jesus' Affirmation of the Father and the Holy Spirit

Jesus Our Model Takes Time To Be With His Father

To LISTEN to Jesus as God commanded means also to do what he calls us to do.

One of the most frequent acts of Jesus is to call his disciples (those who chose to follow in his footsteps) to "Come aside and rest". For Jesus regular "time out", away from pressure, was critical . He had a rhythm of withdrawal, and clearly inducted his followers into this distinctive pattern .

The infant Church took this seriously, and the practice of regular prayer at a quiet time and quiet place was more common than it is today. Carlo Carretto, a great teacher of prayer has some good suggestions to help us recover this ancient Christian custom. "Return To The Desert".

For Jesus, withdrawing from the pressures of ministry was not for the purpose of "getting away from it all" even less, getting away from people. He loved being with people especially when they needed his help. Jesus withdrew to a desert place to PRAY to be with his Father to REST and to LISTEN.

Jesus listened in order TO DO what his Father wanted. Above all else, he was obedient. It is in his obedience to Godís will that he honored and glorified his Father. We are going to observe our Lord in two situations in which he affirms and honors God:

First: in his love of and Affirmation of the Sabbath Commandment;

(Papers 4 and 4b)

Second: in his time of personal prayer to the Father. (Paper 5)

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