For Anyone Beginning Meditation

A 4000 Year Old Tradition

  • Meditation is for everyone who wishes to participate! When we use the word "Meditation", it automatically refers to Christian prayer.
  • Very likely you will come across the word used by other religions. They mean something similar but obviously not Christian. Our participation in this form of prayer arises from, and is an organic development out of our Jewish roots and therefore has a 4000 year history!
  • Our earliest Christians meditated on the teaching of Jesus Christ and have been writing about their experience ever since.

Secular Use of Meditation

  • Modern secular writers use the term frequently for a method of reducing stress, relaxing, or just simply "finding yourself". This is in fact one of the many examples of non-Christians taking religious ideas and language, removing the spiritual content, and then using the terms for their own purposes.

The Christian Tradition

  • Meditation is prayer. It is for all Christians, or anyone who wishes to try it, even if they do not see themselves as Christian but choose to somehow be part of the process.
  • It is not for a spiritual elite.
  • All can!
  • There are no special techniques or methods.
  • Yes, there is a discipline, but our Lord Jesus Christ avoided teaching any "technique"!
  • In Christian meditation the emphasis is not on reciting "mantras" or trying to and find the "centre of our being". We do not recite anything endlessly; instead we remember and listen. We do not try and locate the centre of our being; we seek to be embraced within the loving presence of the Holy Trinity; God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That is the privilege of every Christian.

Don't Be In A Hurry

  • Many people look these days for a "quick-fix" when it comes to meditation. Meditation for Christians is about a loving relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. It must take time to grow and develop. It cannot be "force-fed" or "fast-tracked". Forget all about what you think you must achieve in meditation, and let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit into the fullness of life, which is waiting for you.

To Get Going

  • In this web site you have a choice of starting at either Section 1, or 2 or 3. Young people and those new to meditation often find it best to start with the very straightforward approaches shown towards the end of this article, ie. "Spiritual Reading", or "See, Judge, Act".

Section 1  picks up ancient links with creation and the Garden of Eden and demonstrates briefly how we participate in the same spiritual rest with God as was given as the birthright of humanity "in the beginning".

Section 2  outlines some basics to help you establish a simple and sustainable practice of meditation.

Section 3  provides you with a narrative type explanation of a (usually short) Gospel passage for each week.

It's OK To Start At The End

If you choose to start meditation by "doing it", that's fine; as long as you use the notes in Section 3 correctly. They are written with a very specific use in mind, that is, meditation. Not Bible study, but prayerful, spiritual reading.

There are two simple ways to meditate. We suggest you read both and try one; perhaps also try the other. The choice is always yours.

For Spiritual Reading Click Here

For See, Judge, Act Click Here


A Final Prayer

"Let the words of my mouth

and the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable in your sight

O Lord, my Strength

And my Redeemer."

(Psalm 19: 14  Prayer of King David)

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